Go for the great snow and short lift lines!

Aspen is ranked in the top 10 places to ski in the US. Fortunately one of our good friends, Julia Murphy has been skiing there for 30 years and has family living there. She’s got an Aspen local perspective. So we asked her for insight into why you should consider Aspen Snowmass for a ski or snowboard trip, what to expect and what to do while there.

Before we get into the details, you should know Julia is an amateur athlete who frequently does triathlons, marathons and century rides. Needless to say, she likes a good challenge. If that’s not your workout MO, Aspen Snowmass is still a good choice for you. It has tons of runs for all levels and ages.

Ten [10] insights from Julia to consider when planning your ski or snowboard trip to Aspen Snowmass

1/ What kind of budget did you set for the trip?

It’s typically an impulse decision. I go for the great snow and shorter lift lines!!

2/ When did you go and why did you choose that month?

February is my favorite month to go because the probability of good snow is highest. 

3/ Are the snow conditions similar to California? Or what were the ski conditions like [powder, groomed etc.]?

The snow conditions are definitely better than the typical snow conditions in Tahoe. The snow is dry and softer!

4/ Did you take your gear or rent while there? Would you do the same thing next time?

I typically rent or demo gear there. The quality of the gear is great either way. 

5/ How did you prepare for the trip in terms of conditioning? Did you change up your workout routine or now would you recommend anything different?

I swim, bike and run when not skiing and always roll my muscles. I also do Pilates and Redcord suspension, TRX or barre for strength condition and flexibility. I tend to mix it up.

6/ Did you ski all days or did you participate in the Aspen après ski scene? 

We skied all days with après ski and hot tub. The nightlight and food in Aspen is phenomenal.

7/ What are some of the best places for après ski scene fun?

Nothing beats Ajax Tavern and Little Nel for après ski happy hour. It’s so much fun.

8/ Is there anything that you didn’t get to do but wished now that you would have done if you had more time or knew about it in advance?

There are 3 other mountains: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Getting between the mountains is easy and one pass covers them all. If you have a week, spend a day or two on each of the mountains. 

9/ What was the highlight of your trip?

Skiing the Dumps after a foot of new snow and then dining at the Caribou Club.

10/ Where are you planning to ski this year?

Aspen and Squaw Valley are my go to resorts however, this year I’m planning to ski Jackson Hole. If you also ski or snowboard at Squaw, check out the deals on ski passes.

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