Complimentary care providers could better integrate wellness and healthcare.


I’ve been learning about complimentary care providers recently and feel that they could play a bigger part of the wellness landscape. As of now, complimentary care providers are largely underutilized in traditional healthcare networks.


Complimentary service providers including: Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopathic Doctors and other complimentary professionals could be the answer to integrating wellness and healthcare.


Traditional Healthcare vs. Scientific Wellness


Medical doctors are well trained to intervene when your health fails and are experts at advancing medical research. Turning medical doctors into wellness gurus does not make the best use of their expertise. However, finding a way to integrate wellness into healthcare is needed.

Many wellness companies are focused on genetics and health coaching. The science behind much of the genetic testing isn’t ready yet to put into clinical practice, which is why it has found a place in some of the new scientific wellness companies. Testing isn’t widely covered by insurers but some employers are willing to pay for it to help advance the research.


Complimentary Care Providers


Complimentary service providers help with hormone imbalances and lifestyles modifications to keep you healthy and feeling your best. For many hormone imbalances are not an obvious health issue until changes in reproductive health become noticeable. However, hormones can effect your health status at any age and play a big part in regulating your overall health.


1/ Do you currently use any complimentary health providers?

2/ Does your insurance pay for it? Or do you pay out-of-pocket?

3/ Would you be interested in seeing a complimentary health provider?

4/ If your insurance paid for use of a complimentary health provider, would you see one?

5/ Do you consider yourself a bio-hacker?


Change is needed.


Maintaining the status quo in healthcare is not an option. As an industry, we’ve been passing medical risk like a game of the “hot potato” and it’s no longer working. We can’t financially engineer our way out of the problem because there is just too much medical risk [aka: sick people] in America.


Foundation for health?


Everyone needs a foundation of health and some times people need help building or restoring their foundation. As an industry, we’re still struggle to figure out how best to help build that foundation.

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