Are you wondering what to do with the time you gained from the social distancing requirements?

Even if you’re happy just to have some extra time for rest and relaxation now, chances are you are going to get bored and restless soon. So we thought you might need some ideas of things to do that will make you feel lighter and smarter by the end of it all.

1/ Tidying up with Marie Kondo: 

Spring is here so it’s a good time to clear out the cobwebs and put away your winter cloths. Why not take it a step further and declutter your home and garage too?

Marie Kondo has a new show on Netflix that will inspire you. Each episode she leads a different family through the process of first giving thanks to the house that shelters the family and then through the decluttering process. Each week she assigns a task to the family. 

By week two [2], most participants are already starting to feel lighter, happier, more creative and more loving toward one another. It only gets better from there so why not try it.

2/ Learn something new:

There are so many online courses now to indulge your interests. Some of the courses include group projects which is a nice way to engage with a new social circle. Learning anything new will keep your mind sharp so that you return to work with more confidence.

3/ Get creative:

Hobbies are often the first thing to get cut as life gets busy. Carve out some time now to ignite your creative juices and do that thing that you use to love to do. Who knows, maybe it becomes a new side hustle that will eventually lead you down a different life path.

4/ Pick up a book:

Reading is something on everyone’s to do list but few people make the time to do. Reading is one of the habits that the most successful people in the world do everyday. If you want to be more successful, start reading now so that it becomes a habit by the time you return to work.

5/ Exercise:

Too much sitting around can drag your spirit down. There are tons of workouts available online that will keep your blood pumping and spirits high. Try this Pilates: Level 1 mat class.

We’ll have a new Pilates workout for you at the end of each week including some favorites from our community classes. If you don’t have a mat, Thera band and hand weights, you might want to order those now. 

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