Conscious consumption can improve your health and wellbeing.


I recently listened to an interior designer delightfully talk about getting a can of paint for her birthday every year. She paint everything she possibly could. Those early days of having to exercise her creativity to the max to make her life feel more beautiful paid off. She is a successful interior designer now. 

Those types of experiences early in life probably influence us more than we realize. Reflecting back to my own childhood, I can also see how the dots connect back to sewing with my mom and the sewing machine my parents gave me as a high school graduation gift. 

Sewing didn’t become my profession but the ability to fix something on the fly and to create something from scratch has definitely influenced my professional career path.

My path

I have spent most of my career fixing problems in the US healthcare system and developing strategies to address the underlying issues that drive the cost of healthcare. That’s why you’ll see a lot of healthcare related posts on the wellbeing blog. 

One of my projects years ago was for an emerging medical device company with a new technology to be used in the treatment of rare and complex cancers. As part of my deliverable, I researched the causes of each rare and complex cancer. It was then that I realized that the cause of most cancers is partly within our control. 


Genetics accounts for part of our medical risk but even then we can influence our experience and outcome of the disease with better lifestyle choices. Lifestyle includes what we eat, how much we exercise, how much alcohol we consume and how much we smoke. 

There is one lifestyle related factor that we have less control over and that’s our exposure to toxins. Some professions have more exposure than others but environmental toxins effect us all

Environmental Toxins


I became obsessed with the food supply chain after visiting family in a rural part of Canada last year and later learned that food production is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Covid19 has illuminated some of the issues now which will be addressed by the current revolution in food. But unfortunately it’s both an exciting time and a scary time. 

On one hand, there are some seasoned entrepreneurs rising to the challenge of making the food we eat more nutritious while also reducing the environmental impact. On the other hand, the Trump Administration is relaxing the regulations that protect the fishing industry which may lead to more corporate farming and damage to the environment.


What to do?

There is power in our purchasing habits. What we purchase effects what companies offer and how they operate now more than ever. 

In addition to the developments in healthcare and lifestyle, I am also going to address the environmental impact so that you have the information needed to make informed decisions. 

Take from it what makes sense to you and that will work for you. I promise you that everything written will be factual, backed by science, doctors and other experts in the know. 

Beautiful things whether handmade, refurbished, repurposed, shared or purchased add a richness to our lives. In this area, let’s allow our imagination to run wild.

Contact me if you have questions or stories you want to share.



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